Wishes Come True

Wishes Come True

Have you ever wished for something that you really wanted to come true?

You make your request known to the universe, your family, your friends, anyone who will listen, then it finally actually happens?

One of the last things we did in Arizona, before we headed out to Idaho for a conference, was to grant our daughter Abbie’s wish of going to the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Sunrise wishes come true

However, she didn’t just want to see it, she wished to see a sunrise at the Grand Canyon.  We thought that was a pretty sweet wish we could grant so we camped out in the National Forest about 40 minutes from the North Rim, and drove through the dark to make her wish come true.

Buffalo at sunrise

We passed so many deer and even a wild herd of buffalo that were at the entrance to the park.  What a great surprise!

It was a cool morning and we had a brisk hike down Bright Angel Trail to make it out to a perfect viewpoint.

Bright Angel Point Trail

Of course, waking up early has its advantages and we practically had the trail and point to ourselves.

Seeing her smile and watching her take it all in was worth every hour of the drive.

Making wishes come true

As a family, we have had moments early on in this journey where we weren’t quite sure about what we had taken on and some of us struggled more than others (ummmmm….ME) about getting rid of almost everything I had and taking on this 24-7 life with my husband and two kiddos.

I mean, hello!  What about MY FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE!

I had no idea how much I would be gaining and how much deeper and richer my relationships would be BECAUSE of laying down my stuff.

Seeing my daughter’s smile and watching all of us grow closer as a family because of this life changing journey has been such a wonderful blessing.

The Grand Canyon Wish Come True

Sharing more experiences and having so much time freed up because we’re not tending to the mountains of “stuff” we had accumulated is something you really only appreciate after going through it.  We are free.

Grand Canyon Sunrise

Grand Canyon Sunrise

Only our first summer into this epic adventure and I am realizing this is the best decision we ever could have made.

My marriage is better for this adventure, our time with our kids has improved greatly, we are able to parent better being more available for our kids, and because the world is our classroom, the view has drastically improved.

The Great Outdoor Classroom

Wherever you are in your life, find those little wishes that your kids ask you to grant that usually are as simple as, “Will you play with me?”  or  “Will you read me a story?”  Listen to them.  Grant those wishes.  I promise you will enjoy it.  (And the reward is priceless…usually coming in the form of hugs)

Hugs are the reward

This time will pass all too quickly and at the end of your life, your legacy of memories spent in quality time are what you will be most remembered for.

Make your precious time on this planet count.  Be present with those you love and who love you most.

Thank you for being here and growing right along with us on this journey!  If this touched your heart, please leave a comment.


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