Type 1 Diabetes Blog Post: 2

Hello readers! In this post I’d like to share some tips on interntional travel and eating internationaly as a diabetic.

Tip #1. Bring more supplies than you think you need

Bring like…..alot more than you will use, be prepared to run out of some things before you actually do so that when something goes wrong (something always does) that you’re ready.

Tip #2. Stick to whole foods.

Before we begin on this tip: What is a whole food? It’s a food that has one ingedient. Now, luckily depending where you go, lots of countries serve meals that are very good on the blood suger. So you can pretty much dose what you think is best and you will stay in range. A sample meal might be some type of deli meat, cheese, and a banana.

Tip #3. -Coming Soon-

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