Type 1 Diabetes Blog Post: 2

I’d like to share a bit about my personal experience with T1D

When I was at the young age of four, I had returned home from a normal day of preschool and was watching Micky Mouse Clubhouse in my dad’s large recliner.

I remember having milk and popcorn and enjoying life.

But then something happened.

I began breathing differently.

My voice became raspy and each breath was a bit of a struggle for me.

My parents thought I had come down with a fever or cold but something entirly different had happened to me.

The next day, my breathing was much worse.

We went to the doctor’s office and had my finger tested.

You see, the average blood suger was 80 – 120.

Mine was over 900 which meant that I was going into a diabetic coma.

It’s been almost eleven years from that time. I’ve learned a lot since then and shared my knowledge with many people. I’ve been in several studies

to help get other Type 1 Diabetics like me the supplies they need to survive.

If there is one thing I could tell you from all my experience, it’s this:

Don’t give up on what you want just because someone says it’s hard or not possible. Don’t give in to other people’s dreams and live your own to the best of your ability.

Believe in yourself and what you can accomplish.

From, Wyatt.J.Gunzel.

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