The California Adventure

California has been quite an adventure for a summer. We decided to boost our business through personal and professional development and make it possible for our children to attend Type 1 Diabetes camp one last time. It is beautiful getting to visit Kings Canyon National Park and camp under the giant Sequoias.

It was an extended state visit on our tour and we’d love to share some of the highlights with you.
Home of the fresh avocados, roadside fruit stands, fresh fish, opportunities for making influential contacts, and doing new book research, it was a fun state to summer in.

We didn’t get to the beach as much as we liked, but we did find some nice places we can recommend.
Our favorite RV park near the beach with great amenities is in Pismo Beach. Just a short drive away, you can have a beachside campfire and grill your own dinner while watching amazing sunsets. It’s called Pismo Coast Village RV Resort. It is very safe, family friendly and there are lots of things to do. While beach access from the park isn’t great, you can get there if you are up for a big hike. Although, a short drive to Oceano Dunes Natural Preserve is worth it! You can play in the waves, just bring beach chairs, or just sit in your vehicle and watch the sunset.

For a sweet day trip, you can drive to Solvang and experience a Dutch town with tasty food and fun things to do. It’s pretty touristy, but that’s kind of the point.

If you catch it early, the pier at Santa Monica has lots of parking, great food, and you might even be able to see dolphins jumping if you walk all the way down to the end.

Fourth of July was a special treat doing a tour aboard the USS Iowa and our kids are getting great history lessons from veterans on across our great country. This is extra special on the 4th of July, but is open year round.

For a wonderful fresh market experience, the Original Farmers Market at the Grove is a treat! This reminded us of Europe where you can pick your fresh food and have it cooked right on site.

Of course, you have to do the Hollywood Walk of Fame to finish out your experience. It was like a walk in time being able to share our favorite movies with the kids and see them place their hand and footprints. And, the Chinese Theatre is a true work of art. If you can catch the tour there or see a movie, it’s worth it!

We tried to do a blend of the nature side of California and the touristy side and if you haven’t been yet, the VIP experience at Universal Studios Hollywood is educational and a total blast. Learn the history and the behind the scenes of making movies, get a front seat pass with no waiting for the rides and plan some extra time to play in Hogwarts to sample the butter beer and experience the whole muggle scene first hand. It was so much fun!

We ended our summer with a new season and celebrated our annual Pumpkin Patch trip at a new to us farm: Underwood Family Farms . What a great place where the animals are well cared for, there are you pick vegetables, rides, special events and bands during festivals, and we had plenty of pumpkins and fresh fruit snacks to choose from. Our kids are growing so fast and we are grateful for every precious memory with them.

Underwood Family Farms

As we wrap up our California experience, we are tremendously grateful for the amazing friends we have made, the ability to expand our personal success coaching to help other families who want more time and financial freedom to be able to live their dreams, and to have these amazing memories with our kids.
We always pray about where we go next so we will let you know which state is coming up on the tour!
Please leave your comments and questions below. We love to hear from you!
Remember, today is a gift. Enjoy it and create the life you want!
Trina Gunzel

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