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Welcome to RV Life for Newbies!

So, we are over 2 years into our full time 50 State Tour and we get asked by people all the time:

*How did you transition from your home to full time RV living?

*What are some tips to help us have a great experience?

*And how do you earn income on the road?

Today, I want to address these three questions to help anyone who is curious about this time and freedom lifestyle.

Number one:

How did we transition from our home to full time RV living?

We had purchased a Forest River Wildcat 5th wheel with a bunkhouse set up for the purpose of vacationing so we actually already had a great rig suited to full timing. It’s 35 ft long and is a newer model, so we can get into almost anywhere. We love our GMC Sierra Duramax that is an incredible and reliable tow rig.

We went from idea to go in 8 weeks! We mapped out as a family and created a process to design the life we wanted and made a wish list of things we wanted to accomplish as a family before our son turned 18. He was 12 at the time.

We knew there was no way we could fit in cruises, traveling to Europe, crabbing in Oregon, floating the river in Missouri, etc. only vacationing one time a year so…

We followed a prompting to lay everything down and help a lot more people.

We called an estate sale and they handled everything. We literally made our beds, left our house clean, packed our fifth wheel with the essentials and sold my car on the way out of town to a dealership.

Bold, right?

We weren’t sure if we wanted to sell or rent our house and our neighbor had a friend who wanted to buy it, so they purchased it shortly after the estate sale took care of getting everything out of the house.

What the estate sale didn’t sell, they donated to churches, shelters, and the fire department so we felt really happy to help others through that process too, and they just mailed us a check.

Easiest move and house sale ever!

Number 2:

What are some tips to help you have a great experience:

We like to select our travels based on keeping the temperature around 72 degrees. That means we are in the southern states for the winter and northern states for the summer.

Also, if you are willing to be 20 minutes to and hour outside of a major city, you can always find some RV park available and they are usually less expensive.

See some of our favorite finds here:

Carlsbad, NM KOA Wine Ridge RV Resort and Cottages, Pahrump NV San Diego Metro KOA Lakeview RV Resort in Houston, TX Verde River RV Resort and Cottages Camp Verde, AZ Ouray RV Park and Cottages Paradise Cove RV Resort, Oregon Bozeman, Montana Campground and Hot Springs Boise, Idaho Campground KOA

Make everywhere you go feel like home by finding the same local familiar places in each area: a local grocery story or co-op, a local farmer’s market, local library, local park, local hiking areas, etc. This really adds an instant familiar feel and will help you feel more comfortable.

There are also local churches, community events, clubs, pools, and national groups like MOPS and Rotary you can meet up with and have a sense of community on the road. In addition, there are RV and Homeschool Rally Groups that meet up and check out the social events at the RV Resorts you go to. There are always people to meet and something to do.

Also, if you’re looking for free places to stay:

Try: Pilot parking lots, Cracker Barrel Restaurants, Truck Stops, National Forest (you may need permits), Camping World, Public Libraries, some Churches, and Casinos can be free, or reasonable.

Campgrounds and Army Core of Engineers can be great spots, too, although you may need to make reservations online ahead of time.

Number 3:

How do you earn income on the road?

This is a really great question because it’s always better to earn more than you spend. Can you imagine traveling and MAKING MORE so that you can DO MORE and help MORE people during your adventures?

We thought so too.

So, we teach people how to capitalize on their skills and talents so they can coach others and make a bigger impact in the world through their custom consulting business. We created an organized system to take our clients from creating a purpose based business plan and launching it, to enrolling their first clients offline.

If you want the time and location freedom to live your dream life and work several hours a week consulting your dream clients, click the link below and get our free downloadable road map to discover how we got more time, money, love, and freedom.

Get Your Free Road Map To More Time, Money, Love, and Freedom Now

If you have stories from your life experience, education, and skills, we would love to have a conversation with you and you can book through our scheduling link after you download your free book.

We wish you an incredible journey and look forward to seeing you in your adventures, too!

Please comment below what other questions you have about living an RV life.

Best wishes,

Trina Gunzel

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