Responsibility – There Is No Substitute!

In my 42 years I’ve learned some solid hard truths. The truest of them all is I am responsible for EVERYTHING that happens in my world. That’s right, EVERYTHING! Now you might be thinking, how is that possible?

Here’s what’s true for me. I can choose to be a victim in my life, or I can create a better situation in my life. I’ll give you an example.

When I was first married, we lived in Albuquerque, NM. We bought a new home on the West side of town and settled into our daily life. All was good. Then our truck got broken into in our driveway. Then it happened again. All told we had 7 break ins during our short coulple years in that home. I was so angry. I knew to keep my hands to myself, why couldn’t these people just do the same. I was sure it had something to do with living in Albuquerque. “Must be the city.” “I’ll never live in a big city again…” I blamed everyone. I added alarms, floodlights, and even started carrying a gun. Nothing worked, nothing stopped it.

So we moved to Corvallis, Oregon a beautiful wholesome town where the green grass grows and the kids still play in the street. 2 weeks after we moved in, our truck was broken into again! I couldn’t believe it! “People are terrible everywhere!” “America’s just not the same anymore.”

At that point, I made a change. I decided I would never give those criminals another chance. I’ll never put a nice stereo in my truck again! Guess what! I never had another break in.

That exact sequence started me thinking what the difference had been. When I was getting broken into every month, I blamed everyone else, but I didn’t stop to think “WHY” I was the target. What was I doing diffently that drew the crime into my world. Now I recognized my brand new stereo systems that I played loudly as I drove home were attracting it. I might as well have left the door open and painted a bullseye on it.

As soon as I took responsibility and realized what I was attracting into my life, I stopped being an effect and started being a CAUSE! I caused criminals to be attracted to my stereos, and I CAUSED them to lose interest. What an amazing feeling of power that was.

As you go forward in your life, look for the areas you have been a victim or effect and ask yourself what you did to cause it or how you could have CAUSED something different? I think you’ll be pleasantly surprized at how powerful you’ll feel. Don’t take my word for it. Try it yourself and see what is true for you.

Then come back and leave a comment so we can all share, learn and grow from the knowledge?


Big Jon

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