Montana Summer For The Win!

Montana Summer For The Win!

Montana River

Yes, the rivers are really that wide.

Yes, the trains really do still run.

Yes, wild animals really are that prevalent.

Yes, the stars really are that bright.

And…if you need a cute KOA to stay at, this one has a great pool and even serves huckleberry sundaes. Yum! KOA Missoula Montana

Pool Fun With Friends

Missoula KOA

Now, if you want to be able to get here fast and enjoy flying into the coolest airport ever, you can’t beat Missoula, Montana. You can take a quick weekend in the great outdoors! And, your adventure starts immediately.
Where else can you find a full mount of a grizzly bear to welcome you to the state?! Seriously!

Check out our new favorite airport here: Missoula Airport

Grizzly Bear Meets You In Montana

The downtown of Missoula is full of the coolest shops, restaurants and there is even a carousel in the park to ride. How fun is that?
Now, if you are more of the outdoor adventure type, you can schedule some fly fishing trips and instruction or get information on great places to hike, or even take a rafting trip with a guide.

We were fortunate enough to have local friends who took us out trail riding in their hummer, hiked to a hunting cabin, went into the woods to pick wild huckleberries, and got to float our first river together on a giant rubber ducky and raft.

Float Montana

Rubber Ducky

Add to that a natural hot springs and bath and you can see for so many reasons why Montana is a great summer camping spot.

Huckleberry Picking Yum!

You can check out more information here:

Travel Montana

Get out and enjoy God’s beautiful creation with your family!

Montana River View

Happy summer memories!  Where are you headed?


Trina, Jon, Wyatt and Abbie Gunzel

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