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5 Simple Strategies To Make Everywhere You Go Feel Like Home

By Trina Gunzel | Jun 14, 2019

In this post, you’re going to learn the 5 simple strategies we implement in our 50 State Tour, to make everywhere we go feel like home. Yeah!!! You don’t have to feel lonely any more! Two years ago, when we started this epic adventure, we wanted to make sure our kids had the opportunity to…

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Traveling Internationally With Kids

By Trina Gunzel - NETWORK ADMIN | May 17, 2019

Have you ever thought about Traveling Internationally With Kids?   Honestly, initially, I was TERRIFIED!  But, traveling with our kids has been a great learning experience.  For ALL of us!   We are happy to share some tips to make it easier and fun for you.   Travel early – make it to the airport…

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A 50 State Tour 2 Year Anniversary Celebration

By Trina Gunzel | Apr 21, 2019

A 50 State Tour 2 Year Anniversary Celebration! Can you believe we are already celebrating 2 Years since we started this 50 State Tour? We wanted to share a special highlight post as an anniversary celebration and include a gift for you, for being a special part of our community. Thanks for joining us! Throughout…

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The Mobile Classroom

By Trina Gunzel - NETWORK ADMIN | Feb 26, 2019

We get a lot of questions about our mobile classroom on this 50 State Tour, so I thought I would share some helpful information with you today. Our country is full of amazing museums, national monuments, art galleries, historical sites, science centers, and more. So, we take advantage of these wonderful opportunities to learn in…

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Adventures In Arizona

By Trina Gunzel - NETWORK ADMIN | Feb 16, 2019

If you’ve never been to Arizona, you can’t believe the variety of adventures you can have there! Now, this is our home state, so we know lots of great places for hiking, swimming, fishing, and camping. And, we’re going to share some of our favorite places with you so you can have a great trip…

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Welcome To Texas!

By Trina Gunzel | Jan 22, 2019
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Exploring New Mexico

By Trina Gunzel | Dec 5, 2018

We have wanted to take our kids and spend time creating memories in New Mexico for a long time. At one point in our lives, we went to college at The University of New Mexico and lived in Albuquerque when we were newly married. Someday, we still want to take them to the famous Balloon…

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The California Adventure

By Trina Gunzel | Oct 30, 2018

California has been quite an adventure for a summer. We decided to boost our business through personal and professional development and make it possible for our children to attend Type 1 Diabetes camp one last time. It is beautiful getting to visit Kings Canyon National Park and camp under the giant Sequoias. It was an…

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Montana Summer For The Win!

By Trina Gunzel | Jun 27, 2018

Montana Summer For The Win! Montana River Yes, the rivers are really that wide. Yes, the trains really do still run. Yes, wild animals really are that prevalent. Yes, the stars really are that bright. And…if you need a cute KOA to stay at, this one has a great pool and even serves huckleberry sundaes.…

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Exploring Idaho and BIG Potatoes

By Trina Gunzel | Nov 30, 2017

Exploring Idaho There are so many places in this beautiful country to see and explore and Idaho was no exception. Do you like to hike, fish, swim, and observe nature?  We do and had fun visiting friends and making more memories together in the state that is all about potatoes and so much MORE! Here…

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Improving Your Marriage

By Trina Gunzel | October 21, 2016

Hello Couples! I was thinking today about all of the ways that we choose to spend our time.  I remember back to the year Jon and I were engaged and all the planning and time we spent focused on our invitations, the guest list, the food, the location, the ceremony, the flowers, and of course…

Be Intentional

By Trina Gunzel | October 19, 2016

  Hi Couples! It’s Trina Gunzel and I wanted to check in because I had this message on my heart for you today.  If I had to think of one piece of advice I could share that would bless your relationship TODAY, I would say be intentional.  What do I mean by that?  Well, I…