Trina’s OMG Chicken!

How can you eat delicious homemade meals on the road?

For that matter – how can you create delicious and nutritious meals that are healthy for your family at home?

I get asked this all the time so I want to start adding them to the blog for those of you who want to eat great food AND improve your health.

I’m going to be sharing some recipes as I create them and you can find them under the health and recipes tags in the future.

When we are busy, it is easy to get into bad habits and eat too much fast food or food that is really high in carbs.

Many of the recipes I make are created from my heart with the idea of keeping balance blood sugar in mind.  As many of you have been learning, our son Wyatt was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when he was 4.  His diagnosis rocked our world for many years but now we are empowered and helping to coach others to wellness.  I strive to create meals that combine a protein, a slow carb and a fast carb that are nutritious and delicious.  Tonight’s dinner was a success!

I have to share this recipe tonight I am labeling OMG Chicken because after almost being married 20 years, my husband said it was the BEST thing I have ever made.  Wow!

The best part is, this meal is super easy to make and fast!  Enjoy!

OMG Chicken

by Trina Gunzel


3 large boneless skinless chicken breasts

1 Tablespoon Olive Oil

Himalayan Pink Salt (You can order it from Amazon here):

Jane’s Krazy Mixed-Up Seasonings  (You can order it from Amazon here):

1 cup Fresh spinach leaves (washed)

Small jar of artichoke hearts

1/3 of a jar of pitted sliced Kalamata olive pieces

1 can of drained white cannellini kidney beans (You can order it from Amazon here):


Slice into strips and saute chicken breasts in olive oil over medium heat.

Sprinkle with Pink Salt and Jane’s Seasoning.

After chicken starts to turn from pink to white on one side, use a fork to flip over each piece.  Continue cooking the chicken.

Add fresh spinach sprinkled over the flipped chicken strips.

Add the sliced olives.

Add the jar of artichoke hearts, with the juice.

Add the drained beans.

Continue to cook until all ingredients start to bubble and the chicken is cooked.

This dish is simple, can be cooked in about 15 minutes or less, and the carb amount was only about 18 and the calories were under 300.

I would love to hear your feedback!


Would you like more healthy and delicious recipes? Check back weekly for more under the recipe and health tags.


Sending you wellness hugs,

Trina Gunzel


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  1. Maureen on May 22, 2017 at 7:39 pm

    Looks amazing! On the menu for Fri nite!

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