Communicate With Your Spouse

How To Communicate With Your Spouse

Do you ever wish you could really know how to communicate with your spouse?

Do you find yourself running into the same old issues time and time again?

Sometimes you might feel like nothing you try makes a difference.

You might even feel like your relationship isn’t worth the conflicts you keep facing.

If this sounds like you, you might want to learn how to communicate with your spouse in a way that actually makes a difference.

Learn how to communicate with your spouse:

Did you know that in order to learn how to communicate with your spouse you need to be aware of what you AREN’T saying.

Real Communication:

Your body language is actually most of your communication.

All of the ways you move your body, your voice intonation, and your facial expressions are communication.

Think about how your communication with your spouse is reflected physically.

Are you radiating love?  Are you expressing joy?  How are you receiving your spouse’s words?  

This is the way you communicate with your spouse.  By SHOWING them you are listening, understanding, and reciprocating communication.  

Your face shows in seconds your real response and if your words don’t line up, your communication will have issues.

If your body doesn’t match your verbal communication with your spouse, you are putting up walls.

Do you often agree when you are thinking the opposite?  You aren’t fooling anyone.  Stop doing that!  

Start having great communication by improving your skills and knowledge.

These forms of communication are hurtful and you need to assess your own behavior.

5 Forms Of Communication That Hurt Your Spouse:

bad communication

bad communication

If you give your spouse:

The silent treatment

Eye rolls

Shrugged body posture

A depressed face

An angry attitude

These 5 Ways Demonstrate You Know How To Communicate With Your Spouse:

great communication

great communication

Engaged listening

A smile

Responding to their questions

Looking at them when they speak

A willingness to learn

Remember if you are saying no in your heart and showing the opposite, you will have conflict.

You need to understand why you are feeling that way and get to the root of your own issues.

Great communication is physical and verbal communication should reflect that.  

When your mind and heart aren’t lining up with your words, you will have conflict.

 Learn how to communicate with your spouse and your life will improve.

Application of Learning:

You will enjoy the greatest conversations if you can respectfully answer these questions:

Do you want to feel emotionally connected with your partner?

How curious are you to learn his/her perspective?

Do you care how he/she feels right now?

What do you love and value about your partner?

What do YOU need to change in order to have your words and actions line up.

Start there and you will understand How To Communicate With Your Spouse.


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