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Type 1 Diabetes Blog Post: 3

Hello readers! In this post I’d like to share some tips on interntional travel and eating internationaly as a diabetic. Tip #1. Bring more supplies than you think you need Bring like…..alot more than you will use, be prepared to run out of some things before you actually do so that when something goes wrong…

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Type 1 Diabetic Resources

I want to share some things that will make your Type 1 Diabetes journey easier. This video will help make it easier to put in a enlite sensor: Enlite Sensor Video Another video we made can help you with your insulin set insert for the sure-T by Medtronic. Sure-T infusion set Video My father and…

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Type 1 Diabetes Blog Post: 2

I’d like to share a bit about my personal experience with T1D When I was at the young age of four, I had returned home from a normal day of preschool and was watching Micky Mouse Clubhouse in my dad’s large recliner. I remember having milk and popcorn and enjoying life. But then something happened.…

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