All I wanted was appreciation.  All he wanted was connection.

For years I thought if I just made my husband meals, cleaned our house, worked my job, helped him with his projects, took great care of our kids, and loved him and his family, we’d have a great marriage.

I was wrong.

For years I tried my best, wished, prayed hard, and thought I was being a great wife.

But I wasn’t.

I kept waiting for my husband to really appreciate me and show me how much he loved me, and he grew more distant from me.  I felt really lonely and didn’t want to stay married.

I was getting more and more of what I didn’t want

Until I did the only thing I could…I changed me.

I learned that he wanted me to spend real quality time with him, not stay up late alone cleaning my kitchen.  I learned he wanted great communication with me, not just me being positive and “good.” He wanted me to learn more and initiate making love instead of expecting him to do it all.

Guess what…when I worked on connection and true intimacy, I got all the appreciation and love I wanted.

Doing the real work in the right direction actually makes a huge difference.




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