A 50 State Tour 2 Year Anniversary Celebration

A 50 State Tour 2 Year Anniversary Celebration!

Can you believe we are already celebrating 2 Years since we started this 50 State Tour?

We wanted to share a special highlight post as an anniversary celebration and include a gift for you, for being a special part of our community.

Thanks for joining us!

Throughout this tour, we have been helping others, exploring, making new friends, creating great memories, overcoming challenges, improving ourselves, and growing closer as a family.

There is so much to learn and see and the world has literally become our classroom. You can go back through any of our blog posts and catch up on each state we have been through. Highlights are included from 12 states so far. So, make sure to check out prior posts.

As part of our 50 State Tour, we decided to include a trip to Europe for our 20 year anniversary.

It was so amazing to share this experience with our kids!

We loved it so much, we decided to take them to the Netherlands this year and that’s where I’m updating you from right now!

We specifically planned in special visits to Germany, Austria, Italy, and Sicily so we could share and pay tribute to our roots on both sides.

It was incredible to see the places our parents and grandparents had shared stories with us about and to be able to teach our children so much history, art, and traditions in the actual places.

In celebration of love, life, and learning, we hope you will enjoy this special gift post.

And, as our special anniversary gift to you, please enjoy this free 50 Days of Success Challenge we created by learning more about it here. This is a real work of heart to help people add more fun, variety, and self improvement to their life and we videoed each challenge at a new location. If you want to stack wins over the next 50 days, check it out here:

The 50 Days of Success Challenge

More fun to come!

If you ever get to Europe:

Travel light, it makes it so much easier.

Taking the kids has made it so educational and expanded their appreciation of cultures, languages, history, and art.

Type 1 Diabetes doesn’t have to stop us from doing anything but we do bring an extra backpack with supplies.

Enjoy being present in the moment, take lots of pictures, and have lots of undocumented moments too.

Try new things, learn some greetings and simple phrases in each language, and take some time to just stop and enjoy.

Talk to you soon!


Trina Gunzel

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