10 Practical Ways To Make Your Husband A Priority

Life can get so busy!  Especially if you have a career or are raising children.  During this “busy” phaze of our life, it is especially important to make our husband a priority.  Yes, ladies, it’s true.  If we want to have our soul mate still by our side after our children are grown, we need to follow this advice.


  1.  Think About Him:  It is true that your heart will follow what your mind dwells on.  There are so many distractions and responsibilities on our “to do” list.  Make sure you are making that time to intentionally THINK about your husband.  This will keep your love growing.
  2. Do HIS “to do” list first:  I’m serious ladies.  I can keep my days jam packed full and learned the hard way that having a clean home didn’t mean as much to my husband as me spending the day with him in the shop helping him on a project.
  3. Keep “dating” your husband:  After you have children, your time together will need to be balanced.  Of course you want to give your children love, care, and attention.  Just manage to also hold your title of being a “wife” as high up in your life as your excitement about being called “mother.”  Your children will see your example of love and affection toward each other and that will help guide their future decisions.  A stable home and the example of loving parents will make a great impression on your children and comfort them more than you know.
  4. Remember to WELCOME HOME DAD!  Remember how excited you were to see your husband when you first knew each other or when you were dating?  Show that same enthusiasm and have your children greet him when he gets home.  We never want to get complacent about the fact that we each do our part in our relationship and show gratitude.  It is hard to leave your family all day and go to work.  If you work together from home, it will be equally important for you to make time to enjoy being together throughout the day.  The idea here is to stay focused on the joy that you get from being together!  Anticipation is exciting!
  5. Have intentional time together at home:  If the time your husband gets home from work is your time to “dump the kids and run” you may want to rethink that.  If you can get your errands done while your husband is at work, then those precious hours you have to spend together before it’s time to go to bed will be some of your favorite memories of the day.  Your husband needs to see YOU as his helpmate, the one he waited all day for and wants to return home to.  If you are absent all day and in the evening too, don’t be surprised when he has a porn addiction or starts looking other places to get his needs filled.  We have to be emotionally and physically present with our spouses.
  6. Pray for your husband.  A wife who prays for her husband will strengthen her family and deepen her love and commitment to her husband.  We spend so much time on our everyday tasks.  How much of our day is dedicated to praying to lift our spouse up?
  7. Make your husband your best friend:  So many times, girlfriends fill the need for someone to vent to, someone to complain to, or someone to fill our own need for compassion and attention.  Your husband will be that person who loves you, lifts you up, and who can confide in if you will make him that person, on purpose!  It doesn’t just happen.  You really have to nurture and develop that relationship in order to get what you want.  When you are deserving of it, it will happen.
  8. Look forward to times of intimacy with your husband:  When you get married, you have promised each other that you will be the last people you ever are intimate with.  YOU are the ONLY person on earth who can fulfill this for your husband.  Learn ways you can improve in this area, take initiative, bring new ideas and fun to your marriage, and if you have been more than four days without being intentional, you’ll want to reassess your priorities, as he is taking a back seat to everything else.
  9. Learn his LOVE language.  If you think really hard about it, there is only one true way your husband wants you to show love to him.  You know what to do.  Don’t be selfish and really work to make that connection happen on purpose.  It is obvious to everyone when someone isn’t being genuine or truly wanting to be together.  Make showing your love and affection to you husband happen in the ways he truly likes to be shown.
  10. Speak light!  In order for your husband to become the man you both want him to be, he needs to know you believe in him and that you think all things are possible.  You are his biggest source of encouragement, support, and he needs you to lift him up when he is feeling discouraged.  The more and better we love our husbands and let them know we believe in all they are capable of, the better they will do.


Apply these top 10 priorities to your life, and watch your marriage grow.




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